Saturday, September 20, 2008

My thoughts on compassionate conservatism

I am currently working on a painting that is meant to address the most disturbing aspect of George Bush’s terms as President. As the title suggests, I feel that Compassionate Conservatism is the worst legacy Bush could have bestowed upon the people of the United States. Above all else, it is the one thing about his Presidency that has had the most affect on the most people. As a matter of fact, it is the root of all the problems in his administration. It is the compulsion that drives him to nation building in Iraq, financial bailouts, and bad economic policy at home, and environmental legislation that affects the livelihoods of many Americans.
Compassionate Conservatism, with the support of the Democratic majority in Congress have worked together to the massive increase in national debt, a huge deficit, and increased government intervention in people's lives. The spending programs alone are creating a burden that the taxpayers of today and future generations will struggle to pay.
As a result of this movement within the Republican Party toward compassion and away from Constitutional principles, we are now faced with
one major party in this country that does everything in its power to keep anyone else from challenging their power. Because most voters make their electoral decisions based on Party affiliation, rather than principle, we are faced with a huge problem. The Republicans and Democrats are now fighting to spend more money on their respective constituents, rather than performing the job laid out in the Constitution.
People say W is the worst President in history. Although I find the assertion excessive, I can concede that it has some merit. My main argument is that Congress has had as much to do with the creation of the mess we are in as Bush has. They pass the Bills and write the legislation, therefore, they share the guilt. Bush’s guilt lies in his inability to stand up to his campaign promises and use his power of veto. He let the American people down by running on a campaign of reform and compromising on everything he proposed as well as signing on to huge pork and entitlement programs.
The only redeeming quality of his administration is the prevention of further terrorist attacks since 9/11. Unfortunately, that accomplishment is sullied by the abuse of civil liberties perpetrated in the Patriot Act as well as the enormous debt being incurred in Iraq. Although I
supported the war, I think it is time to let the Iraqi people take responsibility for their own country and remove another source of debt from the American taxpayers.
It is not our government’s job to take care of us, protect us from ourselves, or dictate morality to us when no one else is harmed by our actions. Our government should stop trying to police the world, and let the American people choose who and how much they help with foreign aid on a personal level. There is no justification for the government dictate charity at the point of a gun.
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