Monday, September 21, 2009

Photos From 9/12 March on DC

Here are some of the photos I took on the day of the March. I spent most of my time people-watching and writing in a journal, taking pictures mostly for art references. There was so much going on and there were so many interesting people I would have missed if I had been taking pictures the whole time. I've been back a week, and I still can't find words to express all of the things I saw and felt on the trip. I was extremely inspired by the people I met, the architecture and history of DC, and the conversations along the way. I will share the art as I create it, and look forward to any feedback you may have.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grass Roots Conservatism has Found its Wings

The first thing I would like to ask you in this post is that you read one of my old articles. Letters from MoveOn: Can You Spare a Couch, describes the marketing, networking, and training behind the Progressive movement's successful promotion of Obama during the Presidential campaign. One of the greatest successes of the Progressive Movement was the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States. As I described in many previous articles, Progressives are masters of manipulation and marketing. They feel a moral superiority that drives them to accomplish their goals by any means necessary. When I say we need to beat them at their own game, I do not mean to adopt their tactics. I mean that we need to learn to utilize all of our resources, incorporate the creative and marketing industries into our efforts and learn how to network.
Last week in DC, one of the things I heard most often from Conservatives was a regret at their own complacency. For years we've all been working hard to support our families and contribute to society. We've been minding our own business and tolerating the destruction of our culture, based on some misplaced concept that the Left has a monopoly on creativity. We've been burdened by an unearned guilt for having a better life than the 'less fortunate' among us and the sins of slavery and racism that many of us are too young to have been responsible for. And finally, we have misplaced our trust in the very people we have sent to Washington to represent our concerns.Conservatism reached an epoch on 9/12. We stood shoulder to shoulder with over a million of our fellow Conservatives and experienced a universal epiphany - we are not alone in our desire for a better America, nor are we an angry minority. We are concerned, hard working, patriotic individuals with a common cause. We have united in the defense of America as a Constitutional Republic, with a representational government that is subject to specific limitations and we have the power to change that government if it becomes bloated and over-reaching.
The reason I directed you to the article above, was to point out to you that Conservatives are finally learning to be activists. We are learning to play the game, and it is the only way we will have a chance. When I first heard about the 9/12 March, I was disappointed because I knew I could not afford to go. Two weeks before the event, I got an email from a fan of my art inviting me to go; I need only pay for my food. It turns out, there was a woman in Maryland with a vacant rental property that she was offering up as lodging for the event. The only requirement for use of the space was to have posters for the 9/12 March. I spent a frantic week making posters, which I signed and numbered to hand out at the rallies, and packing camping gear, preparing my family for my absence, etc.
The drive up from Georgia was beautiful, and I had many interesting conversations with Stan, who drove us up in his car. When we arrived at Karen's house, she was there with several friends and tons of food. The kitchen was charged with a level of excitement and camaraderie that I have not experienced in a long time. We all became good friends over the course of the weekend and I hope to see them all again. On Friday, 9/11, Stan and I played tourist around DC while the rest of our group shuffled between appointments with their Congressmen. I took loads of pictures and notes to share with you here as I develop ideas for larger projects. We were two of hundreds of people milling about the streets of the Capitol, excited to be part of an active effort, reaching out to one another and sharing stories. I met many wonderful people and it was one of the most encouraging and inspiring experiences I have ever had. We are learning to reach out to one another. To trust each other and to stand strong in the conviction that we are right.

There has been very little honest coverage of the event from any of the MSM since I returned, a reality I was already prepared for before I left. I don't need the external validation of a disdainful media or a corrupt government to know that my actions make a difference. I am not bothered by the lack of coverage or the disparaging descriptions of the event. I was there. I know what happened. I know why it happened, and I know in my heart that Conservative activism has just taken flight. I am proud of my fellow Americans, regardless of where they stand on this issue, for their determination to speak out and be heard. Until we engage in open debate with one another, face to face, we will not solve the problems we face as a nation. We must remove the power of government to control and destroy our lives, the influence of the media over our thoughts, and engage one another in an effort to solve our own problems. A revolutionary moment is upon us, and we must not allow it to go to waste.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photos Available at MachinePolitick

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur of activity and excitement. I knew about the 9/12 March months ago, but had no expectation of attending. There just wasn't any money for it. I was disappointed. Three weeks ago, a fan of my work sent me a proposal. I could ride with him to DC, where he had been invited to stay in the home of someone who would provide lodging for anyone interested in attending the March.
With two weeks to plan, organize and prepare for the trip and the rallies, I was running myself ragged trying to prepare. I had a wonderful idea to promote my art, which I will share with you at some future date. In preparation for the rally, I made posters, signed and numbered to hand out at the March. I also made posters for a rally at Walter Reed Hospital in support of our wounded troops.
The experiences I shared, friends I made, and inspiration I received during the trip are too numerous to put in a single post. This will be the first of a series to describe what I saw and how I can use it to promote the Liberatchik project.
I will leave you for now, with the main point I took away from this long weekend: This is an extremely exciting event. An epoch. A point from which there is no turning back - and the collectivists among us are terrified.

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Art by the People vs Art for the State

Before I went to DC for the 9/12 March, I was all fired up by the NEA. That would be the Endowment for the Arts, rather than the equally useless National Education Association. The reason, as I pointed out in previous articles, is the move by the NEA to sponsor pro-Obama agenda items.
I've always opposed entitlement programs. However, State Sponsored Art is an affront to my talents as an artist and my principles as an individual. I decided to launch an artistic revolution against the NEA and its participating hacks, sell-outs and parasites. If the government wants to promote propaganda that pushes their agenda, pay for it with tax money and keep it quiet so they can develop "legal language" to 'protect themselves', I'm going to give 'em hell. I don't need to go into the historic significance of such a move, or incite you to anger on this issue. If you're not angry, you're not paying attention, and there's nothing I can do for you.
When I found out I was going on the March, I spent the week and a half I had to prepare making posters for the event. At some future date, you will be able to purchase them as t-shirts and other merchandise. In the mean time, here are some photos from the lawn of the Capitol Building.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

I am going to the Taxpayer March on Washington

MachinePolitick is going to Washington DC!

September 10 – 13, 2009, I will be joining thousands of other Patriotic Americans who are fed up with the growth of government, federal spending, and bureaucratic intervention in our personal lives. The Tea Party Movement and it's supporting foundations have organized a March on Washington for 9/12. Some of us will be visiting Walter Reed Hospital on the evening of the 11th to say thanks to our wounded soldiers as well.

There is an itinerary of events and speakers for the event in addition to the March that will occur on 9/12.

I was not expecting to attend the event, but a generous fan of my art has offered to take me along. I will be making posters and T-Shirts for the March to the Capitol on 9/12. The posters are handmade, signed and numbered. If you see me there and you would like to have one, be sure to ask. I will gladly give you one while they last. Thanks you to all of you who continue to support my work and efforts with your encouragement and inspiration. I appreciate the opportunity to fight for my country in the only ways that I can – through activism and artistic expression.

Local Updates for Atlanta

I will be participating in the one day show in Norcross as planned, thanks to friends and family who are handling the artwork for me while I am gone. I will be unable to attend the show because I will be in Washington, but I would still urge those of you in Atlanta who can make it to go. The paintings included in this show are: The World According to Alice, Don't Cry for Me Amerika, Silence of the Lambs, and How to Exorcise Conservative Thought in an Artist.

I now have 4 paintings at the Duluth Art Gallery, along with my handmade jewelry. The paintings are: The Sun is Setting on Liberty; The Jersey Girls...; Drill, Drill, Drill; and Spinning With the Winds of Change.

I have a hand-painted violin blank on display at Chocolate Perks, in downtown Duluth. The month of September, Duluth Art Gallery and Huthmaker Violins are sponsoring Street Strings, a community art project. Violins are hanging throughout the shops and along the streets of downtown Duluth, representing the talents of over 100 local artists and organizations.

Check back with me at in the weeks to come, as I will have lots of information and projects to share after the March on 9/12. There is also new work to be added, and an online store should be up soon for those of you who are interested in T-Shirts and other merchandise.

Thanks, and keep up the fight,