Saturday, October 18, 2008

Artist Statement

My work is about a variety of people and subjects that affect our lives. It is meant to engage the viewer and make them think about the world in which we live. These paintings are not being completed in an order that is relative to one another. Sometimes I just get really angry about some thing or a person or event becomes a big news story and I get inspired to work on that subject. My work is mostly meant to point out the role we allow others to play in our lives. I am most interested in the role lobbyists, unions, activists, media and celebrities play in controlling or influencing our lives through our government and their views. And, of course, there are the politicians and judges who have the most direct control over our lives.
My work is also a response to the overwhelming tendency of the art community to be a bunch of raging Liberals. There seems to be very little political art dedicated to any
other point of view. I hope that one day there will be a greater variety of opinion in the art community. I would also like to see our government break out of the nearly rigid two-party system we currently have. Our government has begun to stagnate, and the politicians, regardless of party, are predominantly concerned with pandering to their constituents and making a buck, rather than doing the job they are elected to do. In the future, I have plans to do some work highlighting people I think have had a positive impact on history as well as people I admire or consider to be heroes.
My work is my personal outlet for my political opinions. I have found that it is not a constructive use of my time to discuss politics with most people and only causes stress to those involved. I am not out to change anyone else's point of view. I believe in the strength and beauty of the human spirit and in an individual's ability to govern their own life. Life and freedom are not given to us by our government. We are born with them and are responsible for maintaining them. We are responsible for our own health, morality and support. We need to realize that the decisions we make affect our lives and are our own responsibility. It is not the government's place to care for us or help us when we make the wrong decisions and harm ourselves. Nor does the government have the right to punish us for doing better than those around us and redistribute our wealth or property for the "public good".
It is the government's job to perform the duties outlined in the Constitution: provide for the national defense, maintain the courts defend the rule of law, and coin money. Everything else should be left up to private enterprise. The government should not be our nanny, or allow special interests to influence the actions of our Representatives. And, God forbid, world opinion should ever be taken into consideration. There are too many people who consider themselves to be morally or intellectually superior to the "masses". Whether or not that is reality is debatable, but they don't have the right to interfere with anyone's life but their own. I hope my work will make you more aware of these issues and influence you to do what you can to change the system.