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Letters From MoveOn: The Angry Mob

As a member of the angry mob and a card carrying Right Wing Extremist, I may be overreacting. However, that seems to be what we do, so bear with me. As with most things Liberal lately, there are some absurd accusations and reactions making their way through the news. This article is in regard to my August 7 email from
"It's getting ugly out there.
All across the country, right wing extremists are disrupting congressional town-hall meetings with venomous attacks on President Obama's plans for health care and clean energy...
If the shouts of the right-wing mobs are the only voices our representatives hear over the recess, we'll have a hard time passing health care and clean energy legislation..."
These emails always come with articles that are meant to validate whatever point is being made in the email. Typically, they come from outside sources. This week, two of the four links were to MoveOn articles. I don't know if there's any etiquette to this sort of thing, but it seems unprofessional to quote yourself as proof of your own argument. Maybe I've just been giving too much credit to the opposition in the past.
The larger point I am making is this: When Liberals protest or disrupt meetings, it is considered their right to assembly and freedom of speech. When Conservatives do so, they are labeled extremists by media and politicians. When Liberals tout the virtues of Democracy, which is essentially mob rule, no one bats an eye. Never mind that America is a Constitutional Republic. The mere use of the term qualifies me as a home-grown terrorist. When Conservatives demand the attention of their representatives, they are berated as an angry mob.
I only pulled a couple of lines from the MoveOn email this week because most of it was fund raising. The only thing of consequence they had to say was that Conservatives are violent and dishonest. They did site several instances of Conservative violence and threats via effigy. I guess we aren't supposed to know that some SEIU members attacked some of the Conservative protesters. Or, remember all those 'nonviolent' instances of Bush being hanged in effigy. Or Sarah Palin. It seems to me there's enough guilt going around on all sides.
So, on to my final point. Powerful people, be they politicians, judges, journalists, actors - whoever. Power comes in many forms, and the power to influence the masses is an exhilarating power indeed. Fear is the easiest way to exert that power. And make no mistake, this kind of thing is intentional.
I was recently watching an episode of Criminal Minds. A mediocre show, I admit, but I needed a break. Needless to say, I ended up scribbling notes for this post in my notebook. The writers of the show decided, in this episode, to spread a little ant-Libertarian propaganda. Misrepresentation actually. We are, after all, the worst of the right wing extremists.
One of the characters commented: "You know how those Libertarians are, they don't like to pay taxes." I can't speak for all Libertarians, but most of us are not anarchists. We understand the need for government, and the cost of the responsibilities delegated to the government by the Constitution. The courts and the military; the Congress and the office of the President; you know, that stuff the old guys wrote down a long time ago. We also understand that individual liberty comes with responsibility. We don't just go around doing whatever.
Now, the 'Libertarians' in question, are religious fundamentalists - a cult. These are not two belief systems that are mutually exclusive but they tend not to go hand in hand. The second quote I took issue with was: "These guys are Libertarians and the little girls they are abusing are teenagers." I'm sorry, but I have to be a stickler for definitions here. People who think you should be able to do anything you want, to anyone you want, any time with no consequence are called LIBERTINES (Sorry to shout, but it's a huge difference) As I said before, individual liberty comes with tremendous personal responsibility. Everyone has equal rights under the law, and one individual may not take action that infringes on the rights of another. Period.
This is all a convenient tool used to discredit the opposition before they gain support. Fear. If they make you believe, while you are zoned off watching TV, that Libertarians will take advantage of you, you will continue to buy into the broken two-party system. If they equate the words freedom and liberty with anarchy, you will continue to seek 'security' in the arms of the government.
This didn't start in November. It isn't an exclusively Liberal tactic. They just happen to be better at it, and the ones currently wielding power.
To those of you out there making your voices heard - congratulations and thank you. Keep it up. If we don't demand representation from our elected officials, they will continue to do what is best for them. Not us. This is a hard battle we are fighting, but it must be fought.
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