Tuesday, December 11, 2007

are you mad yet?

Is it just me, or does this two-party system suck? When is everyone going to wake up and realize that these career politicians are just in it for the power? I'd like to see the average joe voter wake up and tell me when a serious third party candidate is going to break through the system. I'd like the average joe voter to wake upand realize that the government isn't going to take care of them and that it's not the government's job anyway. There's a little piece of paper called the Constitution that lays out the government's job. Taking care of average joe's needs and wants is not on there. Just a couple little things called his rights and freedom.
I'd like to see the Libertarians get it together, but, like the big guys, their most prominent candidates on the national level tend to come across as wack jobs. I'll get into more specific issues on a later date.
I can't wait to stir the puddin, but I need organize a bit first. If you want a little background on my crazy politics and the art that brings them to visual reality, check out http://www.machinepolitick.com/.
Let me know what you think. Maybe you can get the ball rolling in a whole new direction.

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