Friday, July 11, 2008

It’s too much trouble to find out what a candidate stands for.

This is something I was told in a recent conversation. It was delivered with a straight face – the man was completely serious. He went on to say that it’s easier to watch the campaign ads closer to the election and pick the one who sounds the best. This, essentially, is what is wrong with the American voter. Everything has become dependent on the latest sound bite, the latest promise of a handout, the best way to benefit from the system. People are lazy, they don’t care, and they want to be taken care of. It’s so much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility, so lets put someone else in charge of everything. These are all reasons why I think Obama has a good chance of winning the election.
He has learned to master the sound bite. He is a performer of high talent, and even runs his campaign like a ringmaster or game show host. You can register to win a place next to him at the convention. The Presidency has become a popularity contest. He seems genuine, even when he changes his position to please the current audience. He inspires people. No one cares about the substance of his speeches, or the consequences of enacting his proposals.
I can’t help but wonder what is so inspiring about income redistribution.
How is compulsory volunteerism different from slavery? How is diplomacy going to work against people who dream of martyrdom and the annihilation of our country? When has the government ever run a social program that didn’t become a gaping black hole sucking money and freedom from the people? Where in the Constitution does it say that the government should do these things?
The fourth of July has become just another day to barbeque, because
the majority of people don’t want to be free. Freedom requires personal sacrifice, responsibility and work. No one wants to make the effort anymore. Let the government take care of it.

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