Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change you can fear#2: Defining Obama’s Blueprint for America.

There are so many things wrong with this man’s campaign platform; I don’t even know where to start. After slogging through this repetitive and dogmatic treatise on Obama’s socialist dream for our future, I was absolutely amazed that anyone would vote for this man. I can’t believe that people have gotten so lazy and dependant on government. We’re in for some hard times, and need to start fighting for our Liberty now. The days of bread and circuses are upon us, and it won’t be pretty.
The biggest concern I have with the Blueprint for America, is the economic reality of it. Since the government has no means of income other than taxes, I’m having trouble figuring out how Obama thinks he’s going to pay for it. Even if he empties his tax sheltered account in a gesture of good faith to the American people, he won’t come within a century of being close to paying for his programs. I guess some people think it sounds great to stick it to the rich because they can afford it, but there are several problems with that plan.
First, there aren’t enough rich people in the world to pay for it all. Obama wants to give everything to nearly everyone, and he’s not happy to restrict himself to Americans either. The second problem I see is that government rarely does anything well and it always costs much more than projected.
I would say he just wants to help people, but he’s really just like any other politician on a power trip. I would say he just doesn’t realize that the numbers don’t add up. The problem is he said he doesn’t care about the effect on the economy because he’s more concerned about fairness. I have a hard time understanding what’s fair about taking money from people who work for it. He talks about the debt of the Bush administration, but he’s promising to pile on some more. The inevitable result of wealth redistribution in the name of equality is that everyone ends up poor.
I guess he has the messiah complex too, because I got the impression he’s going to solve all the world’s problems while he’s in office. Who can blame him when people burst into tears and faint at the sight of him?
We keep hearing about change we can believe in, but no one has really defined what that change is going to be. We’re told that it’s okay that Obama doesn’t have any accomplishments as a Senator because he inspires people. I’m not feeling very inspired, unless you count the ideas I have for paintings about him. I have a feeling he won’t find that very inspiring, so maybe it’s an even trade. He talks about his ability to change Washington, and my ability to help him achieve that goal, but our goals are not the same. I don’t need another wealthy politician/lawyer/pompous oaf telling me that I can make a difference. I already knew that.
I prefer to have the opportunity to improve my life, rather than have the government screw it up. I don’t want to be reduced to the lowest common denominator; I want people to be responsible for themselves, whatever the consequences. Don’t fool yourself thinking this man cares anything about your needs. He is concerned first and foremost with his own ascent to power. His ideals and their execution are the only other concern he has room for. Not your health. Not your well-being. Not your income. Not your safety. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

You are so right- I cannot imagine what a terrifying ride we are in for in the next year alone - nevermind the overall future of our country. Too many people want thaat free ride without paying for the consequences of their decisions. The mortgage meltdown is just one shining example of not meeting your personal responsibility - I know I sure would like a lakeside home but as I can't afford it, I have accpeted my present lifestyle. Too many people want that instant gratification and the devil does demand payment....

Dean Striker said...

Very well done!
We do need to write pro: Ayn Rand's morality of reason and I am trying to include such in summaries as I cruise and post to the web.

I'll be adding this to my blogger at

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

A great post. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the impression from Sen. Obama's campaign that he has a plan for handing out free money. I think we have seen our government lean in favor of large corporations for the last 8 years, perhaps in a belief that Reaganomics is viable. I don't believe it is incumbent on our government to try and create equality but I do think it is important for government to take steps to support a system through which equality is possible. It does seem that the divide between the rich and the comfortable is growing in this country. One only do a brief investigation into CEO salaries to see this. If, as should be the case in a free market, these men were truly the best of the best and deserved every penny plus a bonus, then I would say the divide is fair. However, it's clear they are not the best of the best, otherwise they would not be begging for a government hand-out of their own right now to save the corporations they raided and drove to ruin.
My concern is that Americans suffer from a sense of entitlement coupled with rampant materialism. We enjoy a quality of life that is excessive and unsustainable. The fact that we are engaged in two military efforts and our economy is in ruins yet no one, political or not, is calling for sacrifice should give everyone pause. In the campaign debates, known to be full of empty rhetoric, the only person that came anywhere close to calling on the nation to sacrifice, and warning of hard times ahead, was Barack Obama. By the way, The Fountainhead is my favorite book.

machinepolitick said...

I don't support welfare of any kind, corporate, social, or otherwise. I believe that the government should adhere to the limitations of the Constitution and allow people to live in freedom. That entails responsibility on the part of the individual, and that is as it should be.
As for Obama, I say lead by example. He is just as much in the pocket of lobbyists and corporate interests as Bush, et al. He has a high-dollar tax sheltered account, etc. It is not for him to dictate sacrifice and charity to me.It is for me to decide who I help. Anything else is slavery.
As for the American standard of living, to each their own. Are you really affected by someone else's money, or lack therof? Unless someone is taking money by force, you should have no interest in their holdings.

pandyne said...

Obama is no Howard Roark only a pretend Ellsworth Toohey.

machinepolitick said...

You are absolutely right. I am currently doing research to start a series of paintings on Ayn Rand's writings. I was tossing around the idea of using Obama as the icon for Toohey.
If the shoe fits...