Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vote Early and Often, the Mantra of Third World Despots has Entered the Presidential Race.

I gave closing remarks at an art show recently and heard one of the most disturbing things of this election cycle. The owner of the venue made some comments before I went on stage; then asked if everyone was registered to vote. One woman was particularly excited. She added that she had not only registered, but had voted at the same time. Then she yelled out “Vote early and often. I am!”
If that kind of mentality doesn’t terrify the honest people of this country, I don’t know what will. It’s bad enough that people who don’t pay taxes, then go to the government for a handout, are voting. Now they think they have a right to vote as many times as they want in order to put Obama in office. This is how the nasty little despots who are starving the people of South America got into power. You hear about voter fraud from the Left every election, but now that they have a messiah on the ticket, we’re supposed to turn a blind eye to their activities. If McCain or any of the other white guys in this race were encouraging such behavior, there would be such a cry of racism, that we’d all go deaf.
The double standard in this country has gotten out of control. I’m tired of being called a racist and a fascist because I’m white and oppose
Obama’s platform. I couldn’t care less about the color of his skin. I want to talk about his economic policies. I’ve never owned slaves, and didn’t live through the Civil Rights Movement. Why should I pay reparations, or support a candidate because we owe it to black people to put him in office?
I want to see a candidate who will reduce the government to its intended role as laid out by the Constitution. I’m not sure Obama or McCain even know what the Constitution says. The current state of our government and economy is appalling. Obama and McCain won’t change that.
I feel very strongly that Obama is going to win. I hope I’m wrong. On the bright side, I think he will be a one term President. How much damage do you think he can do in four years with a Democrat majority in Congress? Remember, Congress is the Legislative branch of the government, and therefore, cause the most damage with their pork-laden and civil liberty crushing bills. There’s no Reagan waiting on the sidelines this time to pick up the mess and repair the damage when Obama leaves office.
It’s time for the American people to start voting on principle. There are viable third party candidates running in this election. Bob Barr is the best chance this country has right now. It’s time to raise awareness and understanding of his platform. People are getting tired of the status quo. Now is the time to present an alternative.

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