Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ayn Rand Quotes

For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Ayn Rand fan. If you want a little perspective into my personality, read some of her work. If you're new to Rand, I suggest Anthem and We the Living first. My all time favorite, of course, is Atlas Shrugged, but no self-respecting artist would go through life without reading the Fountainhead.

That being said, I decided to follow up yesterday's EFCA post with a couple of quotes from Ayn Rand pertaining to Unions and government intervention in business.

Needless to say, I am wanting now, more than ever to have that meeting with John Galt. I probably flatter myself that my leaving society would have all that much impact on the world, but one can dream. I'd certainly like a little vacation from the current level of government sponsored insanity and generalized buffoonery.


Unions and trade associations are not directed against employers or the public but against the best among their own members…This is one of the most obvious demonstrations of the fact that collectivism does not aim at any kind of “justice” or “fair play”, or protection of the weak [man] against an actual infringement of his rights by the strong for the sake of the weak – stopping ability for the sake of incompetence – not just robbing the production of the able, but stopping him from producing – not raising the weak in any way whatever, but simply forcing the strong down to the level of the moron. (Of course, if you do that, you destroy the world – weak and strong both and the weak do not profit by this – not even for the moment).

…Man will not produce if all the essential elements involved are not under his rational control, i.e., if they are not understandable to him, and therefore, predictable, so that he can set his purpose and plan of action, his end and means accordingly…If his productive activity has to depend upon the arbitrary decision/whim of some human agency, against whom he has no recourse and no chance (such as the government) – he will not produce.


Digital Publius said...

Good Stuff!

machinepolitick said...

Thanks. It's scary how things are going exactly the way she predicted. It's really a shame.

bosslady said...

oooooh! I'll have to pull my old copies of her books and see what i've highlighted and post.

machinepolitick said...

That sounds great. I'd be happy to allow you to guest author if you promise to be sassy!
It's really scary how many of the things that she wrote in Atlas Shrugged are happening right now.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Yay!!! More Rand please!

(It's not a very constructive comment, it's mostly just a request because Rand makes me smile sometimes)

machinepolitick said...

I will be happy to oblige your request. I am almost finished with her journals in preparation for a series of paintings. I also have extensive notes on most of her books.
I thought it might be fun to put the quotes up as I use them in my paintings. I'm glad to know she still has readers.