Friday, February 13, 2009

The Future Indeptedness Bill has passed

Hey, everybody. I know some of you don't share my views or live outside the US, so disregard this post if it doesn't reply.
To the rest of you, who are probably angry, please read and pass on the article I have linked below. This sham of a 'stimulus' bill that just passed Congress is going to put a huge burden on my generation as well as those of future generations. Government, which is already too large and intrusive, is going to expand to unheard of proportions. We have been screwed in the name of paybacks and welfare projects, just one month into Obama's administration. Who knows what's coming next? Considering I read the Blueprint for America, I have a pretty good idea. The Democrats have become so enamored of themselves this election, they are grasping for everything they can think of. Plus they have and every other 'Progressive' organization clamoring for a handout. Because I put myself on their email lists to better know my enemy, I get some interesting information from their side. I'm guess none of you are surprised to see President Obama went back on his word regarding everything he said during the campaign. Except for Change, because he's certainly giving us that! The future looks grim indeed.
Commentary on the Stimulus Bill
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Extra reading from Ron Paul.


The Hunter said...

As I frequently point out, the only thing Mr. "Change-we-can-believe-in" changed was which bunch of pigs is feeding at our trough in Washington.

machinepolitick said...

Absolutely right sir. Unfortunately, these pigs appear to be even more rabid than the last. I think it's time to make some bacon.