Monday, August 24, 2009

A Letter to Sean Hannity

This is one of the main reasons I have been so busy lately. It will explain the lack of posts here. I am trying to generate interest in the Conservative community for my work. It requires a tremendous amount of time, but I have to get paid for it some day. The letter varies for each person I send it to, but the message is the same. If Conservatives want a voice, they have to be a part of the culture. If they want to combat the Liberal bias in the arts, they have to stop complaining and produce art. If they want that art to succeed, they have to buy it. In a nutshell: "put up or shut up".

Dear Mr. Hannity,
I attended your pre-concert rally this afternoon in Atlanta. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak, as I was unable to get tickets for the Freedom Concert. I was the short woman in the front row with the anti-Che Guevara shirt on, so I had a good view of all of the speakers. I appreciate all of your hard work to fight the corruption and manipulation of the American people by their own government. You help give a public voice to those of us who are being ignored by our Representatives in Washington. Please give me a minute to explain to you who I am, and what I am doing to fight for my country.
I am neither a soldier, nor a politician. I am a housewife and an artist. Seven years ago I realized that I must combine my passion for politics and Liberty with my talents as an artist. I was not inspired to paint pretty pictures or create art that would merely sell. I was driven to create work that makes people think, and in turn, inspires them to take action. About a year later, my husband and I planned to have our son and prepare for me to stay home and care for him while building a body of work that represents my views. We have given up much to keep me home with our son, rather than send him to daycare. We have given up even more so that I can pursue my art, and my vision for work that will spread the message of Liberty, individualism and limited government. I am not asking for sympathy or charity, merely understanding. I stand by the choices I have made and regret nothing.
Now, he is in school, and I devote a great deal of my time to producing art and trying to find a venue for it. You may wonder how I expect to make a difference with my work, or why I would choose subjects that are so unpopular with my peers in the art community. The answer is: Because it is the right thing to do. There is very little work coming out of Hollywood, the music industry, or the fine arts that is patriotic, much less Conservative. I think this is one of the major reasons why we Conservatives are struggling so hard to beat back the Liberal agenda. All of the arts have such a pervasive influence on our culture. Our children grow up with beliefs they don't know they have, and no reason beyond the drivel they see on TV or hear on the radio. I believe it is vital to our culture and our future to change this. We must present work that upholds and explains the virtues of Liberty. We need to explain why the individual is better than the State; independence and self-reliance are better than security; limited government provides greater opportunity than the bureaucracy in Washington. I am doing these things with my art. And, slowly, I am finding more people who are brave enough to do the same. It is my intention to build a network of Conservative artists who are known for their principles as well as their work. I want Conservatives, who have turned their back on art, and assume that we are all raging Liberals to know they have a choice and a voice. They can buy art that is good, meaningful, and supports their principles. We can change the culture of America, and we must, but we need help.
We need Conservatives to support us. I am not asking for a favor or money unearned. My work speaks for itself, and I intend to build a market for it. However, I need help. I have no influence, no disposable income, and no support for the message I am trying to spread. I need money, yes, but I also need publicity. I need people to know I am here; working long hours, not just creating the art, but trying to promote it. I am building a Conservative art movement from the ground up, while trying to manage my home and be a good mother and wife. My husband is a talented writer, and it is my goal to build a business from my art, so he can stay home and write.
Again, thank you for all of your hard work. I hope you had a wonderful evening at your concert. If you have a moment, please look at my art. I hope that you will be able to see the time, passion and research I have devoted to my work and my goals. I hope you will share my conviction that we must repair the culture of America if we are to convince people of the greatness of this nation. And, I hope you will take a minute to spread the word. In return, if there is any way I can help you or the Freedom Coalition with my work, I would be happy to do so. Perhaps we could organize a fund-raising auction for your scholarship fund. I would gladly donate a percentage of the sales of my work to your fund for the children of fallen soldiers. Our brave soldiers are the ones who sacrifice the most for our freedoms, and it is a shame that they are currently serving a government that has no concept of or respect for freedom.
Thank you for your time. And I wish you the best. Hopefully, we can work together to build a culture of Liberty-minded individuals and restore America to the Constitutional Republic she is meant to be.
Frances Art That's Not Liberal


Dirk said...

Hi Frances,
Very well said. It's fantastic to hear that the style of your work is starting to catch on. As I said in a blog post some time ago, One Person Can Still Start A Forest Fire! Keep that match lit!


Rebecca said...

I'm thrilled to have found your site! Your art and your blog are both inspiring.

machinepolitick said...

Thanks for your support Rebecca. I appreciate you following me. The posts have been a little thin lately, but I've been working hard on the DC March. I'm cranking out posters to hand out during the events and T-shirts to promote myself. Hopefully I'll get some networking done.
Dirk, thanks for your continued support. You're right about those fires, and I'm lighting them everywhere I go. Sometimes I feel bad because it leads to disagreements, but I'm tired of seeing people sit by and take the abuse from Liberals because of misplaced guilt and political correctness. If we don't fight for America, we can't complain when we loose her.
The state of our government has been on a downslide for decades and the current escalation is appalling. Every day I see more and more examples of the deterioration of our culture and the advance of the Liberal agenda. I will not stand idly by while people canvas our neighborhoods demanding pledges to Obama and his agenda, the destruction of our economy, and rationing of our health care. It is encouraging to know I am not alone in this fight.
If you guys are going to be in DC for the March, send me an email I will send you my cell number. I am making signed and numbered posters to give out to anyone who wants them.If I have any left when I get back to Atlanta, I'll put up a post and you can send your address if you'd like one. I'll also be working on an online store when I return for shirts and merchandise.
Thanks agian and good luck in your personal efforts at freedom!