Monday, September 7, 2009

I am going to the Taxpayer March on Washington

MachinePolitick is going to Washington DC!

September 10 – 13, 2009, I will be joining thousands of other Patriotic Americans who are fed up with the growth of government, federal spending, and bureaucratic intervention in our personal lives. The Tea Party Movement and it's supporting foundations have organized a March on Washington for 9/12. Some of us will be visiting Walter Reed Hospital on the evening of the 11th to say thanks to our wounded soldiers as well.

There is an itinerary of events and speakers for the event in addition to the March that will occur on 9/12.

I was not expecting to attend the event, but a generous fan of my art has offered to take me along. I will be making posters and T-Shirts for the March to the Capitol on 9/12. The posters are handmade, signed and numbered. If you see me there and you would like to have one, be sure to ask. I will gladly give you one while they last. Thanks you to all of you who continue to support my work and efforts with your encouragement and inspiration. I appreciate the opportunity to fight for my country in the only ways that I can – through activism and artistic expression.

Local Updates for Atlanta

I will be participating in the one day show in Norcross as planned, thanks to friends and family who are handling the artwork for me while I am gone. I will be unable to attend the show because I will be in Washington, but I would still urge those of you in Atlanta who can make it to go. The paintings included in this show are: The World According to Alice, Don't Cry for Me Amerika, Silence of the Lambs, and How to Exorcise Conservative Thought in an Artist.

I now have 4 paintings at the Duluth Art Gallery, along with my handmade jewelry. The paintings are: The Sun is Setting on Liberty; The Jersey Girls...; Drill, Drill, Drill; and Spinning With the Winds of Change.

I have a hand-painted violin blank on display at Chocolate Perks, in downtown Duluth. The month of September, Duluth Art Gallery and Huthmaker Violins are sponsoring Street Strings, a community art project. Violins are hanging throughout the shops and along the streets of downtown Duluth, representing the talents of over 100 local artists and organizations.

Check back with me at in the weeks to come, as I will have lots of information and projects to share after the March on 9/12. There is also new work to be added, and an online store should be up soon for those of you who are interested in T-Shirts and other merchandise.

Thanks, and keep up the fight,



bosslady said...

I'm excited for you to have this once in a lifetime opportunity with this march on Washington. Good luck, make some contacts, be careful, and remember to have FUN!


Frances said...

I had a great time. Thanks again for handling my art work on this end. I'm still trying to process the whole experience. There were so many things going on and so many great people to interact with.
I did my best to behave well, and didn't get in trouble. As you know, however, I piss people off wherever I go. Nothing can be done about that. I made some really great friends and have so many ideas for art and writing.
I had loads of fun and even drank a beer after the March. The thing was almost as big as I am and I still managed to act right. The level of excitement and accomplishment was indescribable.
Lets try to get together this weekend and work on your garden. I'll bring tools and we'll talk while we work.
I'll give you a call soon.