Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been busy lately

Here is a hodge podge of things I have been reading, writing, or working on the last week:

The Day Racism Died, by Jay @ The Break Room This is an editorial on President Obama's recent comments, which he later retracted to a degree, regarding the actions of a police officer doinghis job. Most of you here know how I feel about Obam, so I will leave you with the article.

A series of work @ Big Hollywood by Scott Graves: Warhol, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 Let me say this: "I can't stand Warhol's work". However, this series of articles raises some good questions about art. marketing, philosophy, and our future as Conservatives (those of us who are) in the creative industries. If you have time, read the whole series and chip in on the comments. I found it worth the time.

A Contradictory Exhibit of Art in Search of Dialogue an article about an art show I attended recently. Those of you who are artists or members of the larger art community should be fore warned: I have very strict guidelines for what I consider art, particularly good art. You may be offended by my opinions. Keep in mind that art is subjective, and opinion is opinion. I definitely have a bias, given my treatment by the art community. When people start telling you to tone it down a bit so you can sell your work, you tend to get a little offensive.
To the rest of you, enjoy. This article is particularly appropriate in conjunction with the Warhol series.

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