Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Unexpected Visit and the Encouragement it Brought

This article may not be interesting to those of you who enjoy my political posts, but it's nice to have something positive to write about. I had an unexpected visit yesterday, and I would like to take a minute to share the story.
Occaisionally, people contact me via email to let me know they like my artwork. At this point in my career, that is a huge encouragement. Better still, are the people who check in on me regularly to ask how I am doing and let me know they keep up with the blogs. In an age of computer driven anonymity, it is nice to know people care enough to reach out and encourage one another. This is how I first met Laura, who is a dance instructor from Brooklyn. The main focus of her program is to pass on family histories and personal experiences through the medium of dance.
As it turns out, she was on a road trip with her sister's family this week, from New Hampshire to Texas. I received an email from Laura on Monday night asking if my work was available for viewing. She wanted to 'stop off' in Atlanta on her way home if I didn't mind. Seeing as how my work is just hanging around the house, I said come on by. To be honest, I didn't expect her to call me. However, yesterday afternoon, Laura called to say she was heading to Atlanta, and would like directions to my house.I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet Laura, and not just because she likes my work. She is an interesting and intelligent woman who faces many of the same obstacles I do. Imagine being a dance instructor in the Northeast, surrounded by Liberals, while being politically Conservative in your views.
Needless to say, our common experiences led to a lengthy conversation on how we can make a place for like-minded people in the arts.Luckily, Christopher and I have already laid the groundwork here at Liberatchik. Being at the forefront of a movement is a very demanding, and sometimes lonely, endeavor. I spend long hours on the computer, away from my family and my art. However, meeting Laura, and seeing her enthusiasm for my work and ideas is all the encouragement I need to persevere. Who knows how many other people are out there, with the same passions and vision, who are afraid to be openly political with their Liberal friends.
I hope that I will soon have the opportunity to introduce Laura to you as well, through Liberatchik. I feel that she will be a wonderful addition to our team.

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