Saturday, July 18, 2009

Socialized Medicine, A Crisis We can't Afford to Ignore

I have been absent from the blog most of this week, because I have been trying to fight the upcoming Health Care 'Reform' bill. As many of you know, this bill will do nothing to improve the health care industry or curb costs. It is just as cumbersome, invasive, and regulatory as any other socialized program. With the programs in Cuba, England and Canada crashing down upon their heads, one has to wonder why our own government would attempt to foist the same monstrosity upon us. It amounts to the same thing that it always does with government programs - power. This is not about choices, options, improvement or the common good. It is about the government telling you what you can have, when you can have it, and at what point your life becomes economically unfeasible. Even the New York Times is giving some of the opposing information without their typical spin.
Yesterday, I attended a rally at my Senator's office. For those of you who don't live in my district, Saxby Chambliss is one of those worthless 'Conservative' turncoats who does enough to get re-elected, then leaves us twisting in the wind. I have yet to understand why he continues to win re-election after voting for the Medicare Prescription Entitlement bill, the Bush Stimulus that led to the Socialism of the banking and auto industries, and various affirmative action bills. He is also a proud proponent of Congressional pork and bi-partisan efforts to help the less fortunate. In short, he is a Blue Dog Democrat who signed up with the Republicans because he's too 'moderate' for the Progressives and Liberals running the Democrat Party. Even so, the old ladies at the rally yesterday were crooning about how 'he's got our backs on this one" because he's a 'Conservative'. I guess if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes an acceptable imitation of the truth.
Chambliss's office sent a representative, Mr. Kendall, out to speak to us, so we wouldn't crowd the reception area. Although we met outside the building in the courtyard, we were informed by the representative and security, that we were to move from the area to a park across the street. We were not being loud or unruly, and there were not enough of us to crowd the space, but he was just doing his job so we complied. Conveniently, the park was not only across the street, but below street level, so we were effectively invisible at that point. When the representative from Chambliss's office came down with the security guard to speak to us they looked as though they were nervous. Maybe they're not used to protests, or they have an overblown perception of how people behave, because I don't find a crowd of senior citizens with two moms and a toddler threatening. Maybe the fact that they made us stand out in the sun for an hour before giving us 10 minutes to ask questions had something to do with it. Or perhaps, we looked like a bunch of homegrown terrorists. Your guess is as good as mine.
To be fair, Mr. Kendall, did offer to take us up to the office, but insisted there wouldn't be enough room for us all. He also brought us water - thanks. So, we finally put the question to Mr. Kendall: Does Senator Chambliss support or oppose this bill? Mr. Kendall's response was that he opposes it, but I suspect he is only giving us half the answer. That may be the true reason for his nervous demeanor - Chambliss's record does not support the assertion that he will oppose the bill if he is offered something he wants in return. The other reason I smell a rat on this is the lack of response I have received from their office on this issue. I have sent several letters recently on various issues, and health care is the only one they did not respond to.All of this is bad enough, but this morning I got an article from regarding the Health Care Bill. It says that Obama has given up his attempt to get 60 votes on the bill and instead has decided to use the budget reconciliation procedures to push it through with 50. I'm not an expert on how this works, so please do your homework and verify this claim. Then, do whatever you can to raise awareness of this new tactic to ram government health care we don't want down our throats.
For information on the body of the as well as those not yet up for a vote, please visit the Library of Congress
For information on the voting record of you Congressmen, please visit Project Vote Smart

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