Monday, June 8, 2009

Graphic Novels aren't Just for Kids Anymore

This week's featured artist at Liberatchik is a graphic novelist named Bosch Fawstin. Much of his work deals with the subjects of terrorism and Islam. As an illustrator, I have an appreciation of his technical abilities above the aesthetic of the work or the story line, both of which are amazing on their own. The clean, bold imagery of his characters is reminiscent of WWII propaganda posters. Having an affinity for that aesthetic, I am drawn to his work.
Fawstin's message is both patriotic and aggressive. He makes no apologies for his opinions, nor should he. The facts back up his position. In an artistic genre that often glorifies anarchy and belittles the 'evils of capitalism', Fawstin's work stands apart. He has created a hero for the 21st century with a clear vision of morality and justice. His work supports freedom, pays tribute to our troops who fight on our behalf, and shreds the propaganda in defense of Islamic terrorism...

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