Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outting the Progressive Agenda

I decided to shed a little light on something I learned about recently. It's called Camp MoveOn. Here is a quick synopsis for those of you who don't have time to follow the link to Liberatchik.

This series in general (Letters from MoveON.), and this post specifically, were inspired by an e-mail I received recently from MoveOn.org. In an effort to make Conservatives aware of the demons we face in the battle for America and our culture, I am writing articles based on these e-mails. Each one will include some portion of the email, the date I received it, and my concerns and opinions as a result of the message being sent.

This article is addressing an upcoming event in the following cities: Atlanta, Philadelphia and Denver. It is being called Camp MoveOn, and is asking us to "host a member who is coming (to our city) for exciting grassroots leadership training". I couldn't possibly make up this kind of thing, so I will torture you with some more excerpts from the email before launching into my own tirade on the subject.

"...We're working with the same folks behind 'Camp Obama', one of the secrets behind the Obama campaign's effective organizing. ..."

On the surface, all of this seems inoffensive and well within the realm of civil organization. When you scratch the surface, and put it in context with the other emails I am receiving, it seems much less pleasant. We all know, by the way, that George Soros is a huge contributor to MoveOn, and he has made statements to the effect that he will do everything in his power to ruin the US. Last, allow me to point out that the Tea Party participants are being ridiculed and berated for openly protesting government waste, while these people are using an underground movement to approach and influence people in their homes. If a Conservative or Libertarian group were behind this, I wouldn't have had the honor of spilling the beans.


Dirk said...

What's good for the goose is not good for the gander when it comes to the liberal left. Can you imagine what a firestorm we would be seeing on and on in the mainstream media if this were a Conservative, Libertarian, or Republican movement?


machinepolitick said...

Absolutely, that's why I decided to start writing about these emails. It's scary enough to sound like a conspiracy, but it's not. I just hope people wake up before it's too late to reverse the damage.
On the bright side, I passed a semi last week in traffic that had this written in the dust on the back of the trailer: "That teleprompter is lying to us! Wake up people!" There may be hope yet.
I hope to get a post up tonight about 'community service' since I have several new emails on that topic.