Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Your Obligation to Your Fellow Man is Penance for Your Success

I received emails this week from Barack and Michelle, reminding me of my obligation to 'serve the less fortunate'. From the way they talk, you would think I had committed crimes against humanity because I have worked hard and made sacrifices. You see, they consider people like me lucky because I have things others do not. I suppose the irony of their having more than I do has escaped them. Of course, that's different. I'm a white person who doesn't share their views, so they see me as part of the problem, not an active participant in the solution. I am a golden hen to be slaughtered for my 'riches' in order to support their constituents.
I received emails from the fices of Barack and Michelle on the 22nd and 24th of this month, respectively. Here are just a few of the admonishments and veiled accusations contained in their letters

...."I announced United We Serve - a nationwide call to service, challenging you and all Americans to volunteer this summer...and when I say all, I mean everyone...The First Lady is rolling up her sleeves and getting to work too, but before she does, she has this message for you"...

"We aim to make a real difference right now and bring more Americans into a tradition of life-long service to make an even greater difference down the road... There's an old Thomas Edison quote I've always l liked: 'Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.'...And I believe the chance to serve is a precious gift indeed... As a parent, I think service is a great way to demonstrate values and teach our children firsthand what it means to commit to a purpose beyond ourselves... It should be part of everyone's life. From the moment someone can walk to the day they leave this planet, service should be a part of how we give back, we express gratitude for the lives that we've been given..."

It's time to roll up YOUR sleeves. Not the Obamas', although they are pretending that they will be right there beside us, working to 'improve' America. Not Congress'; they're too busy meeting lobbyists and screwing us over. Not people on the government dole, they'll be on the receiving end of our labor. Not charitable institutions, which are the appropriate organizations to handle community service. US. The productive members of society who are already working hard to make America great. We're supposed to feel guilty for our success and 'good luck'.
We couldn't possibly have worked hard to get where we are. We can't claim to have made sacrifices if they were made for our own benefit or advancement. We are to believe that the only way we contribute to society is by helping those less fortunate, and the only way to do so successfully is under the guidance of government.
As with all of my posts in this Letters series, this is an insight into the mindset of the Progressive. By themselves, these letters are inoffensive in the context in which I receive them. They are being sent out to like-minded drones who are eager to be part of the cool crowd. Some of the underlying points are valid. The problem arises when you examine the larger picture. The Obama's and their ilk don't think we do enough. They think we have an obligation to serve their purposes and they have the authority to enforce their agenda regardless of our willingness to participate.
It is offensive inn the suggestion that they have the right to set standards for our lives. They clearly feel that they have the authority to compel free individuals to serve someone else's needs. By their standards, our lives, property, time and labor are theirs to dispense with and our children are servants to their Progressive agenda.
This sort of thing happened in Germany once. Are you paying attention?

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alvaro said...

Yes Frances, I am paying attention and soon, so will a lot of others, especially the ones who have not been paying attention. It's here and now with no time to waste when you factor in what's going on right now up on capital hill. I know too many people think some of us are "just" paranoid-despite all the evidence to the contrary. Someday, as in the past, these very people will thank those, like yourself, for sounding the alarm.
I thank you now, Alvaro

machinepolitick said...

As always, I appreciate your concern and support. Through hard work and perseverance, we will spread awareness.