Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Here we go again. Obama, the great promise of Change, Hope, and an end to racial tension proves himself to be just another Socialist hack. We all know nothing he said about equality and diversity on the campaign trail was true, so I'll get to the point. His recent Supreme Court nominee is proof, yet again, that he has no intention of following the rule of law or adhering to the Constitution. I will provide a link to Sotomayor's quote, because I have no interest in addressing that in great detail at this point. I will go so far as to say that her comments were not, by definition, racist; but no less disturbing for that fact.
If you care about individual Liberty, you should fear her for reasons I will address in a future article. On to the point of this post. The art for this week's featured slot on our page is by Alvaro Alvillar. It is an installation that addresses the issue of racism in America. In particular, it addresses the fact that it is universally acceptable to be racist against whites while speaking of diversity and ending racism. It speaks also to the victim mentality and the power wielded in it's defense that is the driving force behind the acceptance of blaming whites and holding them to a different standard than 'minorities'. Finally, it addresses the political power gained by the use of these tactics as well as the guilt many whites feel as a result.

As promised, I am back to explain the real issue behind Obama's nomination of Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Everyone under the sun is going on about her remarks being racist. Because they were not, in fact racist, the entire argument has been rendered invalid. Her comments were, however, inappropriate as well as revealing of a larger and more important issue. She is clearly more interested in ruling based on her feelings and opinions rather than the rule of law and that should be the reason to oppose her nomination.
I don't think her feelings or experiences make her any more qualified for the position than her race. These are not even subjects we should be discussing when nominating a judge to the Supreme Court. We should be examining her record as a judge and the fairness of her rulings as defined by law. She should neither be influenced by international opinion, nor foreign law. The Supreme Court is a branch of the United States government, not a tool for promoting globalism.

For those of you who have not heard, Liberatchik has launched with the help of Please take a minute to check it out and learn more about the Declarationist Art Movement now under way. We have recently been joined by some very talented artists. Weekly updates are made to feature Conservative art, music and film. Links are also provided to our signatory artists. New articles a posted 3 or more times a week, which is why I have become scarce around here. Finally, we are working on a FaceBook page. I hope you like what we're doing, and invite you to join us. Any level of help or support is greatly appreciated.


Dirk said...

Hi Frances,
The fact that she's an Obama nominee alone is reason enough to fear her. I'm looking forward to your take on the other reasons to oppose her. I perused your artwork on your website, very nicely done! I think it's great that young people such as you are trying to make a positive difference in the face of heavy liberal opposition.


machinepolitick said...

Someone has to fight back, and I'm happy to do it. I know more people would express their feelings and political opinions through their art if they weren't penalized for it. I truly believe the culture and future of our country is at stake right now. Art, music, movies, etc.. are vital to influencing the opinions and behavior of young people who grow up to vote and run for office. If they only get one perspective, they usually don't think to look at the other side, but take everything the see and hear as fact.
I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. It is hard for me to keep up with everyone right now because I am so busy. I hope you continue to do well with your blog and life in general. I enjoy your writing when I have time to read blogs.
Thanks again and have a great day.