Thursday, June 18, 2009

The James Allen Show: A Review

I have recently been introduced to the James Allen Show, and subsequently, have decided to write a review. It is nice to come across a fellow Conservative who is spreading the messages of Limited Government and Individual Liberty. James was also sure to point out on his show and blog, that these are things that come with increased individual responsibility. I couldn't agree more. These are all principles and philosophical truths that must be backed up by fact, rather than fear-mongering or half-truths. Points on which James and I seem to agree.
In my time listening to James' show and perusing his blog, I have seen strong support for the following principles: the necessity for and significance of the Constitution and the checks and balances it places on the government, the importance of morality, the absolute necessity for the use of reason as opposed to relativity, individual responsibility, and the illegitimacy of fear-mongering as a method of influence or political interaction. On the first point, James makes a clear defense of the Constitution as a document written in stone, with the sole purpose of maintaining separation of and limitation on government powers. He defends its place in our society by backing up the role it plays in guaranteeing our individual rights and establishing a rule of law. James does a very good job defining the term 'morality', as well as explaining the importance of having a standard by which to judge our own actions as well as those of others. This point relates closely to the next, which is the importance of reason. Without a clear standard of right and wrong, we cannot expect others to adopt our morality. The use of reason, the practice of backing up our statements with fact, and avoiding emotional reactionism are all practices that help us to interact in a civil fashion.

James clearly has a very deep faith in God, coupled with the ability to accept disbelief in others. His goal seems to be reaching out to others and showing the virtues of his beliefs, rather than pressuring others to accept them. Not being a religious person myself, I find that I am able to approach this subject from an unbiased and non dogmatic point of view. I have great respect for people of faith, who in turn, respect my lack of faith.

In conclusion, I will leave you with 2 points that I found most striking in James' work: 1.The battles we fight reflect what we value.

2.We must present a world view that includes the critical use of reason.

Thanks James, for an informative and enlightening program. To those of you reading this, I encourage you to give him your attention.

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