Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Economic Hard Times, the Government's Solution is to Waste Money

Harry Reid wants you to pay for subsidies to the tourism industry. I won't go into too much detail on this because the title is self-explanatory. I will simply include the short letter I sent in response:

I oppose any legislation to support government funding of any business or industry. Like the bailouts and the nationalization of banks and auto dealers, this is a gross violation of the Constitution. Put simply, it is wealth redistribution and fiscal irresponsibility at a time when the government should be cutting waste.


Dirk said...

I agree with you on this, Frances. It's amazing to those who immigrate from Communist & Socialist countries that most Americans don't see where this is all going. Europeans for example who came here to escape Socialism are saying we are headed there the same way Europe did.

This is a gross violation of the Constitution, & being a state government employee myself, if I did some of the things the Obama administration has done, I would at the very least be fired for having a conflict of interest & likely prosecuted & imprisoned. But, the President & Congress as we all know are quite above the law.


machinepolitick said...

I'm afraid adherence to the Constitution has been out of vogue for quite some time now. I know I harp on this point, but, people have to start voting on principle rather than party affiliation. As long as these politicians profit from their power they will continue their self-serving behavior. Once upon a time, their time in Washington was limited and they depended on real jobs for their livelihood. It is past time to scale back on their control over our lives. Separation of powers and rule of law are vital to an honest government.